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The Car Haggler

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Haggle Free Car Buying

  • You know the type of vehicle you are looking for but have not begun  the long search or contacted any dealers.
  • The Car Haggler will use his dealer relationships and contact dealerships on your behalf.
  • Arrange a vehicle test drive.
  •  The Car Haggler will negotiate the best possible price.
  •  Get the highest amount for your trade if you have one.
  •  Provide a written purchase agreement from the dealership for you to  take to the dealership and consult with you until the end.
  • The Car Haggler will accompany you to the dealership, (local only) and walk you through the buying process including financing and stay with you until you drive away to make sure everything goes smoothly and to​ ​your satisfaction.
  • You will have a Haggle Free Car Buying experience!


  • We offer consultation services for individuals who wish to handle the car buying process on their own. Sometimes you want a second opinion and have additional questions that the dealer may be able to answer, but may not have your best interests in mind.  That’s when you need The Car Haggler Consulting. We will provide a worry free car buying experience. We can answer those questions on specific makes and models, such as:

    • Is the price you’ve negotiated with the dealer fair?
    • Should you purchase additional warranties or add-on features?
    • Is your financing a good deal?
    • Credit issues?  We can help answer those concerns as well.
    • Vehicle safety and performance records –  is the vehicle you’re looking to purchase safe for your family?

 Get the Best Deal Possible – You Never Overpay

Test Drives Made Easy

Call Ahead Scheduling

Vehicle History Reports

Work with Trusted Dealerships

Buy, Sell, Trade

Financing Solutions

Pre Owned Vehicles

Looking for a new to you vehicle?
The Car Haggler can help you find the perfect solution.

Our consultation services can be handled over the phone. Simply purchase our consultation services and we will schedule your consultation. The Car Haggler will answer your questions in an honest, professional manner.  If a better offer is available, The Car Haggler will advise and direct you on how to negotiate your purchase or lease.

Brand New Cars

Making multiple trips to car dealerships is very stressful. 
Let The Car Haggler handle your next new vehicle purchase.

We handle everything for you until time of purchase or lease.

Talk about a haggle free car buying experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

What Our Clients Say

Curious about The Car Haggler buying experience? Read what others are saying.

In 2 days, Shawn helped us buy 2 cars–replacing the old ones. I never left my house! Shawn was great at communicating, and doing all the behind the scenes negotiating and paperwork-gathering. I’ll I had to do was contact my insurance provider after the sales! My husband was on cloud 9. That process is usually quite exhausting. Our trusted friend referred us to Shawn; he himself tried to find a better deal than Shawn, and it was impossible. We’ll never buy cars any other way. Thanks, Shawn!

Marya R.


A friend of mine used Shawn to purchase a new vehicle and raved about the time he saved as well as how pleasant the entire purchasing process was. We decided to use Shawn to assist us with the purchase of my daughters first car. Shawn was great, he found us the exact car were looking for in less than 24 hours and by the time we arrived at the dealership all the paperwork was ready. A quick test drive and some signatures and we were on the road in about 45 minutes. We will be using Shawn from now on with all of our car purchases.

Steve R.


There is absolutely no reason not to use Shawn. The best money I’ve ever spent, but I feel like I didn’t even spend it because he saved me more than his fee. All the paperwork was signed digitally and the dealer even delivered the car to my driveway. 100% recommend The Car Haggler.

Corey B.


We Work with All Brands

New or Used


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