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Meet Shawn Spiegel, Founder of The Car Haggler

You as the consumer want to save time and money, right? I founded The Car Haggler after years of watching and listening to consumers like you struggle through the car buying process. I have extensive experience dealing with dealerships and the tactics they use to get the most profit from each and every car deal. I felt a strong need for a consulting platform that reduces the time and stress and who works solely for the buyer to get them the best vehicle at the lowest price possible.

In 2014, I started The Car Haggler because I believe buying a new or used vehicle can and should be an enjoyable experience; not a painful one that you dread because of everything that goes into it. However, the reality is that it can be a long and exhausting process.

My job is to change all that by handling everything for you. Think about it, if you could just tell someone exactly what you wanted, and they would go out and get it for you, at the best possible price, why wouldn’t you take full advantage of that? Well, that’s exactly what The Car Haggler is all about. Give me 5 minutes of your time, and you are done until it is time to sign paperwork and drive off in your new or used car! How great is that?!

Remember, I am not a salesman, I am an experienced personal car buying consultant that works for YOU!!!

The Car Haggler has helped clients purchase, sell, and lease over $100,000,000 worth of vehicles since 2014. We would love to help you too.

Shawn Spiegel The Car Haggler
Shawn Spiegel The Car Haggler

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Looking for a new to you vehicle?
The Car Haggler can help you find the perfect solution.

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Making multiple trips to car dealerships is very stressful. 
Let The Car Haggler handle your next new vehicle purchase.

New and Used,
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Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Minivans, Sports Cars

We handle everything for you until time of purchase or lease.

Talk about a haggle free car buying experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

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What Our Clients Say

Curious about The Car Haggler buying experience? Read what others are saying.

Shawn is an awesome guy to work with. He got me a nicer car than I originally asked for and for basically the same price. He was easy to work with, and very straight forward. He worked out a great deal and trade in price on my behalf and handled all the paper work for me. Can’t ask for more, thank you Car Haggler!

Mike D.


Shawn and his service is amazing ! I am a great negotiator but I don’t have the inside auto industry knowledge like Shawn does. He was honest the entire way through and a pleasure to work with. His fee was well worth it with the money he saved me and I loved not having to go to the dealership. Several people in my neighborhood use him and I see why. I will buy every car in the future through him !”

Alysha V.


If you are anything like me you hate “negotiating” with a Car Dealer. They play games, fix numbers, and 9 out of 10 times never deliver on their word. After failed negotiations with “my” dealership that I have purchased 4 vehicles in the past 10 years, I decided to do some research on various options in purchasing a car. While researching on Youtube I discovered that there are independent auto brokers that utilize their relationships directly with various dealerships to negotiate the best deal. 5 minutes later I discover Shawn, “The Car Haggler”, on google and give him a call. He is prompt with follow ups and gets RESULTS! It was all a matter of what two vehicles I wanted to purchase, the options I wanted on both, and the price I was willing to pay. I thought it couldn’t be done after the horrendous “deal” I was quoted by my dealership. Not the case here with “The Car Haggler”! Shawn was able to quickly negotiate a deal for exactly what I wanted and for a cheaper price!! I will continue to use Shawn’s services and refer as many people I can to him. He makes car buying a breeze! Thank you Shawn!

Josh F.


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