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Make Car Buying Easy with The Car Haggler

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Whether you are a first time buyer that is inexperienced and nervous about getting a bad deal, or an expert who has purchased many vehicles over the years, The Car Haggler can help. You will save all the time and stress of  finding the vehicle, dealing with the sales person, negotiating the price, and waiting at the dealership for hours. The Car Haggler will eliminate all these concerns for you.

Save Time | Save Money | Stress Less

The Car Haggler, established 2014

The Car Haggler consults with you through the entire car buying process. We’ll even accompany you to the dealership, if requested, and the dealership is local.

Once you experience purchasing a vehicle with The Car Haggler, you will never go back to the time consuming, stressful, old fashioned car buying experience.

The Car Haggler has helped clients purchase, sell, and lease over $100,000,000 worth of vehicles since 2014. We would love to help you too.

Car Buying Made Easy

  • Locating your exact vehicle (make, model, color, options, price)
  • Negotiating the best price for you
  • Working your vehicle trade into the deal (if applicable)
  • Turning in your leased vehicle for you (if applicable)
  • Providing a buyers order from the dealership for you (includes all final numbers)
  • Ensuring dealership has pre-worked all paperwork prior to your arrival

Consulting Services

Are you outside the Tampa Metro area? No problem! The Car Haggler also offers concierge consulting services to assist you remotely in your car buying process.

We offer some of the same, great services via phone consulting to make your next automobile purchase a positive experience.

 Get the Best Deal Possible – You Never Overpay

Test Drives Made Easy

Call Ahead Scheduling

Vehicle History Reports

Work with Trusted Dealerships

Buy, Sell, Trade

Financing Solutions

Pre Owned Vehicles

Looking for a new to you vehicle?
The Car Haggler can help you find the perfect solution.

Brand New Cars

Making multiple trips to car dealerships is very stressful. 
Let The Car Haggler handle your next new vehicle purchase.

New and Used, Purchase or Lease

Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Minivans, Sports Cars

We will never provide your information to a dealership unless given permission,
thus eliminating the dozens of sales calls and emails you would normally endure.

The Car Haggler will handle everything for you until time of purchase or lease.
Talk about a haggle free car buying experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

The Car Haggler
The Car Haggler

Stress Less

Save Time  Save Money

What Our Clients Say

Curious about The Car Haggler buying experience? Read what others are saying.

Shawn was FANTASTIC! He got the most for my trade in to be able to get the price point on the new car we wanted. He was not only responsive, but extremely knowledgeable and professional. I usually do all the leg work and negotiation and even though I pride myself on getting the most value out of my car purchase, 2021 COVID ERA proved to be a challenge. Not only are dealerships not offering many discounts, but supply is limited – making it even harder to get what you’re looking for.

Shawn did a great job and we ended up getting a 2022 special edition Honda Pilot ( I highly recommend). This was the perfect fit for our family after trading in “herbert the minivan” .

Service was excellent as they brought the car to me to test drive and delivered it to my home. I never stepped foot into the dealership and this saved me a ton of time and drive time. Shawn was responsive and great at communicating as well as answering any and all questions. I highly recommend The Car Haggler!

Thank you Shawn, you truly are THE BEST!

Amanda M.


This is not the first but the second brand new Toyota Camry I’ve gotten with the help of Shawn and, phew, let me tell you what a god send this man is! He takes all the pain out of buying a car and cuts out the rage of talking to some of these dealers who just want to get you in the door to try to sell you something you do or do not want at the highest price they can muster. He helped me get both of my cars under MSRP and is lightning fast at communicating and keeping you updated. He’s straightforward and easy to talk with about pricing estimates and doesn’t expect pay until you decide to close on a deal and roll off with your car. Car shopping stressed me out and filled me with rage but after deciding to go through with Shawn and his services all of that really went away and I was able to just fully enjoy my Camry and the hard earned money that went into it!

Courtney H.


Highly recommend! As a new buyer, Shawn was extremely helpful & knowledgeable with this task. It was amazing how stress-free & convenient the buying process was after I told him my preferences and budget. Not only did he secure what I was looking for, but he went above and beyond to get the best price. I can’t thank him enough for his service & recommend him to any buyers in the market. Shawn is top notch & will get the job done in expert fashion. Stay off the lots & call Shawn, you won’t regret it.

Nathan S.


Very helpful and willing to answer any questions! He kept looking until we found exactly what I was looking for, within my price range. Overall I was at the dealership less than 45 minutes, and left very happy. 10/10 recommend.

Deja S.


We Work with All Brands

New or Used


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